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1.5oz Tearaway Roll

1.5oz Tearaway Roll
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Starting At: $12.15

Premium Grade

1.5 oz medium weight, tearaway firm "wet laid" non woven

It is composed of synthetic and cellulose fibers, treated with a chemical binder.

Needle lubricants are added.

It is a dimensionally stable durable fabric with good coverage that meets laundering, dry cleaning, stitch holding, and hand requirements for the apparel industry. This product also provides for a clean removal backing fabric.

Using this tearaway will add definition to those fabrics that are already "somewhat" stable examples - jeans, towels , heavy canvas or nylon jackets, tote bags.

Used on small to medium stitch counts.

White    60” x 250yds        $280.00
White    60” x 125yds        $175.00
White    30” x 125yds        $94.50 
White    15” x 50yds          $23.45  
White    15” x 25yds          $12.15