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3.0oz CutAway Roll

3.0oz CutAway Roll
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Sale price: $18.05
Premium Grade

A 3 oz heavy weight cutaway - a wet laid nonwoven fabric, composed of synthetic and cellulose fibers, treated with a chemical binder.

Premium Grade Needle lubricants are added.

VERY soft and VERY dense!

It trims very easily- Your shears will glide through the fabric!

One layer supports the higest stitch counts.

Use on any apparel where a soft and durable hold is needed to support embroidery without adversely affecting drapability.

This Premium Grade 3 oz Cutaway Stabilizer is available in the following following roll sizes:

White    46” x 150yds     $235.75
White    23” x 150yds     $130.00
White    15” x 50yds       $29.50   
White    15” x 25yds       $18.05