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No Show Mesh 1.5oz Roll

Sale price: $22.00

Almost Invisible!

Soft, Drapable & Almost Invisible!

No Show mesh is a nylon mesh stabilizer.  If you add a mid weight tearaway as a sandwich it can hold an even higher stitch count!

It is perfect for left chest logos, pique knits, T Shirts, infant items and micro fiber apparel.

"With the other brands of "no-show" mesh, I often felt the need to double the layers -- using one diagonally, and the other horizontally. I am thinking that the new diagonal no show will probably alleviate the need for the second layer (example -- t shirts, polos, etc.), as the diagonal is incorporated into the one layer. I have always loved using "no-show" mesh products, and expect that this one will be especially good for many applications."
Linda's Sew 'n So

"I used the diagonal fusible mesh today and it was superb!!! It was so soft and was easier to trim the excess off the shirt when I was finished"
Karen Torluemke
K 'N ME Designs

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