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Tear Away

Tear Away
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Sale price: $78.00

White 20” x 40yds

This 1.5-ounce premium-grade tearaway is made using a wet-laid process that ensures it is multidirectionally stable for the ultimate in embroidery support. It is made of 75% rayon and 25% polyester and treated with a chemical binder. A needle lubricant is added to ensure smooth sewing. It can be washed or dry-cleaned and remnants remove cleanly when torn away.

It is ideal for stable fabrics and can be used for embroidering on tote bags, jeans, towels, T-shirts, and a variety of knitted fabrics in light or dark colors with a light-to-medium stitch count.

This stabilizer is made of a significant percentage of post-consumer recycled polyester fibers and a sustainable cellulose source making it more environmentally friendly.